Music for Time-Traveling cats

What a delicious smorgasbord of delectable treats Mr Loopus has served up in this release to feed us techno hungry cats. You’ll be hip swinging and twisting to the beatz while enjoying lashings of exotic samples from, disko, jazz, funk, cinema, the 80's, 16th century classical with even Johan Strauss in the mix. You will be mesmerised by the musical magic from many of the masters, woven through the electronica that takes you on a journey back in time, while simultaneously thrusting you into the improbable future of the sound of now. "MUSIC FOR TIME-TRAVELING CATS" delivers the Loopus In Fabula signature straight to the sound system of bass culture - a masterful, improbable fusion collage of electronic orchestration that totally keeps techno music fun, relevant and groovy.
Released by: Fabularecords
Album release date: 30 July 2023

loopus in fabula · Music for Time-Traveling cats